Poems and Translations in Journals and Anthologies


“The Catch: On Translation,” Ploughshares 48, no. 1 (Spring 2022)

“Dictionary of Omissions” and “Days at the Races,” Raritan Quarterly 41, no. 3 (Winter 2022)

“The Passing of the Bungalows,” “Close to Home,” and “Ballade of Hank’s Bar,” Subtropics 32 (Winter/Spring 2022)

“Émigré Library” and “Calendars,” The Hudson Review 74, no. 4 (Winter 2022)

“R. B. Kitaj’s ‘Los Angeles,’” “The Minor Masters,” and “Plants in Pots,” International Literary Quarterly (December 2021)

“Jonah,” Bad Lilies 5 (December 2021)

“Venice Beach: A Diptych,” “Stravinsky at the Farmers Market,” and “Exile’s Return (by Vladimir Korvin-Piotrovsky),” The Georgia Review (Summer 2021)

“Bargain Circus,” The Hopkins Review 14, no. 1 (Winter 2021)

“Uncredited,” The New York Review of Books (25 March 2021)

“Universal Horror,” First Things (October 2020)

“Late Style,” Light (Winter/Spring 2020)

“My Hollywood: A Triptych,” The New Criterion (March 2020)

“Absentee Ballet,” The Yale Review 105, no. 1 (January 2017)

“Babel at the Kibitz,” Jewish Quarterly 62, no. 2 (Summer 2015)


Julia Nemirovskaya, “Metro” and “What Is the Use” (poems)

Plume 134 (October 2022)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Adam,” “Ostankino Park,” and “Library” (poems)

World Poetry Review 7 (August 2022)

Boris Khersonsky, “Why sit like a guest” (poem)

Ploughshares (Spring 2022)

Marina Tsvetaeva, “[No leaving for you and me],” “That Country,” and “[The age doesn’t care for]” (poems)

The New Criterion (April 2022)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Coffee at Night” (poem)

EastWest Literary Forum (August 2021)

Maxim Osipov, “Sventa” (essay)

Paris Review (March 2021)

Maxim Osipov, “The Children of Dzhankoy” (story)

Hazlitt (February 2021)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “At a Glance,” “Ostankino Park,” “Eves,” and “Through wormholes I travel” (poems)

Caesura (February 2021)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Mirror,” “45,” and “A caravan of cars crawls crawls” (poems)

La Piccioletta Barca (November 2020)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Kin” and “Flu Remedy” (poems)

Pocket Samovar 1 (Summer 2020)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Time,” “Lives of the Poets,” “The Eyes’ Journey,” “Inside,” and “For Boris” (poems)

Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation (Spring 2020)

Julia Nemirovsskaya, “Verse” (poem)

Washington Square Review 45 (Spring 2020)

Andrey Kurkov, Grey Bees (excerpt)

The Calvert Journal (March 2020)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Toilet Paper,” “Lamp,” and “Little Box” (poems)

MumberMag 1 (February 2020)

Maxim Osipov, “Objects in Mirror” (story)

Granta Online (11 February 2019)

Lev Ozerov, “Fyodor Denisovich Konstantinov” (poem)

Granta Online (15 November 2018)

Barbara Toporska, “The Chronicle” (poem)

Ambit 234 (October 2018)

Marina Tsvetaeva, “Homesickness” (poem)

Harlequin Creature (31 July 2018)

David Marina Tsvetaeva, “To Alya” (poem);
Nikolay Gumilyov, “The Lost Tram” (poem);
Yuri Kazarnovsky, “The Stroll” (poem);
Julia Nemirovskaya, “Bouquet” (poem)

Ten Poems from Russia (Candlestick Press and Pushkin Press, 2018)

Eduard Bagritsky, “Smugglers” (poem)

The Odessa Review (6 February 2018)

Yuri Kazarnovsky, “The Tram” (poem)

B O D Y (11 December 2017)

David Samoylov, “The Bandit Woman” (poem)

World Literature Today Blog (26 September 2017)

Alexander Tinyakov, “How blessed to be a gob of spit,” “Belated Rook,” “Joie de vivre,” “A Prayer for Food” (poems)

Numéro Cinq (August 2017)

Alexei Tolstoy, “Peter’s Day” (story excerpt)

Index on Censorship 46, no. 2 (Summer 2017)

Vladimir Markov, “My life slips from my mind” (poem);
Ivan Elagin, “My neighbors hang on walls facing my flat” (poem)

Los Angeles Review 21 (Spring 2017)

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, “There are no boring people in this world” (poem)

The Guardian (6 May 2017)

Marina Tsvetaeva, “You stepped from a stately cathedral” and “Night. – Northeaster” (poems);
Zinaida Gippius, “Now” and “14 December 1917” (poems);
Osip Mandelstam, “In public and behind closed doors” and “Let’s praise, O brothers, liberty’s dim light” (poems);
Anna Akhmatova, “When the nation, suicidal” (poem) (with Margo Shohl Rosen);
Mikhail Kuzmin, “Russian Revolution” (poem);
Mikhail Gerasimov, “I forged my iron flowers” (poem);
Vladimir Kirillov, “We” (poem);
Alexey Kraysky, “Decrees” (poem);
Alexander Blok, “The Twelve” (poem) (with Robert Chandler)

1917: Stories and Poems from the Russian Revolution (Pushkin Press, 2016)

Marina Tsvetaeva, “Night. – Northeaster” (poem)

The Guardian (27 August 2016)

Lev Ozerov, “Ksenia Alexandrovna Nekrasova” and “Vladimir Andreyevich Favorsky” (poem)

Crazyhorse 90 (Autumn 2016)

Yevgeny Kropivnitsky, “A poet of the outskirts,” “There – the glare of stellar horror,” “He was deep in love and young,” and “Here lies . . .” (poems, in an essay)

World Literature Today Blog (8 June 2016)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “Neighbor” and “Yosemite” (poems, in an essay)

Asymptote (Spring 2016)

Jaan Kaplinski, from White Butterflies of Night (poems)

Granta 134: No Man’s Land (February 2016)

Lev Ozerov, “Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky” (poem)

London Review of Books (21 January 2016)

Lev Ozerov, “Dmitry Dmitryevich Shostakovich” (poem)

The Musical Times (Autumn 2015)

Lev Ozerov, “Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev” and “Mikhail Arkadyevich Svetlov” (poems)

The Baffler 28 (July 2015)

Nikolay Zabolotsky, “Beethoven” (poem);
Boris Poplavsky, “The Spirit of Music” (poem)

Chtenia: Readings from Russia 32 (Fall 2015)

David Samoylov, “The Forties” and “Ballad of a German Censor” (poems)

Long Poem Magazine 13 (Spring 2015)

Katia Kapovich, “A beam gone crazy in an unwashed window” and “When winter comes and Cambridge is snowed under” (poems);
Irina Mashinski, “The Room. January 1st,” “New Moon,” “The Book,” and “The End of a Myth” (poems);
Yevgeny Slivkin, “I’ll ask Charon’s assistant: he will carry,” “Checkroom,” and “Requiem for a Soccer Player” (poems)

Atlantic Review 21, no. 2 (2015)

Vasily Zhukovsky, “9 March 1823”;
Konstantin Batyushkov, “You wake, o Baiae, from your tomb”;
Yevgeny Baratynsky, “The Muse”;
Mikhail Lermontov, “No, I’m not Byron, I’m unknown”;
Afanasy Fet, “Whispers,” “By the Fireplace,” and “Swallows” (with RC and IM);
Nikolay Nekrasov, “from Red-Nosed Frost” (with RC);
Innokenty Annensky, “Flies Like Thoughts” and “In the Train Car”;
Maximilian Voloshin, “The violets of waves, the hyacinths of sea-foam”;
Nikolay Gumilyov, “You shall recall me yet, and more than once” and “The Lost Tram”;
Anna Akhmatova, “from Epic Motifs” (with MR) and “Music”;
Osip Mandelstam, “Silentium” (with RC) and “No, not the moon – the bright face of a clock”;
Anna Prismanova, “The Jolt” and “Blood and Bone”;
Marina Tsvetaeva, “from Death is a No”;
Georgy Ivanov, “I still find charm in little accidental” and “The smokey blotches of the neighbours’ windows”;
Sergey Yesenin, “Cigarette Peddlers,” “To Kachalov’s Dog,” “Poor poet, was that really you,” “Oh, to hell with this storm, damn this snow and hail”;
Nikolay Zabolotsky, “The Wedding,” “Somewhere not far from Magadan,” and “Last Love: 1. ‘Thistles’ and 4. ‘Last Love’”;
Arseny Tarkovsky, “Field Hospital” (with IM);
Maria Petrovykh, “I’m nothing to you” and “Words lying empty”;
Lev Ozerov, “Pasternak”;
David Samoilov, “The Forties” and “The Ballad of a German Censor”;
Sergey Chudakov, “They played Pushkin on a grand piano”

The Penguin Book of Russian Poetry (Penguin Classics, 2015)

Oleg Woolf, “V. Ionesco and Feodasi” (story)

B O D Y (14 February 2015)

Vladimir Britanishsky, “The Wandering Artists” and “The Slavish Learnèd Classes” (poems)

Chtenia: Readings from Russia 29 (Winter 2015)

Mikhail Lermontov, “How often, when, encircled by a motley crowd” (poem);
Ivan Aksakov, “All of us suffer, languishing” (poem);
Yevgeny Baratynsky, “Live boldly, friend, live fearlessly” (poem)

Chtenia: Readings from Russia 28 (Fall 2014)

Andrei Rodionov, “A beauty and junkie with long legs” and “Once a month, he fought or got beat up” (poems);
Vladimir Sorokin, “Petrushka” (story)

Late and Post-Soviet Russian Literature: A Reader (Academic Studies Press, 2014)

Nikolay Gumilyov, “The Lost Tram” (poem);
Sergey Yesenin, “To Kachalov’s Dog” (poem);
Nikolay Zabolotsky, “The Wedding” (poem)

Drunken Boat 19 (2014)

Aleksandr Blok, “The Petrograd sky had grown turbid with rain” (poem);
Zinaida Gippius, “Quiet” and “Without Justification” (poems);
Sergey Gorodetsky, “Knight of the Air” (poem);
Nikolay Gumilyov, “War” (poem);
Igor Severyanin, “My Reply” (poem);
Fyodor Sologub, “A Wife to a Reservist” (poem);
Nikolai Tikhonov, “Fire, the rope, the bullet, and the axe” (poem)

Chtenia: Readings from Russia 27 (Summer 2014)

Katia Kapovich, “Cosmopolitan” (poem);
Irina Mashinski, “Ophelia,”  “All that happened to me,” “The Room, January 1st” (poems);
Lev Ozerov, “Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel” (poem)

International Poetry Review 39, no. 1 (Spring 2014)

Lev Ozerov, “Pasternak” (poem)

The Caravan: A Journal of Politics and Culture (1 March 2014)

Anna Prismanova, “The Jolt” (poem)

New England Review 34, nos. 3-4 (2014)

Vasily Kamensky, “Gloveslap [Vyzov],” “Strenger Vasily,” and “The GyPsY” (poems)

Black Herald 4 (October 2013)

Dariusz Sośnicki, “Of Things and People” (poem) (with Piotr Florczyk)

Harvard Review 44 (October 1, 2013)

Osip Mandelstam, a selection of poems (with Robert Chandler)

The White Review (Fall 2013)

Katia Kapovich, “The Merry Disciplinarian” and “After a funeral in autumn” (poems);
Yevgeny Slivkin, “Near flowers stricken with angina” (poem);
Oleg Woolf, “My sympathy to you, o sojourner” and “It is scary for nameless light” (with Irina Mashinski)

Big Bridge 16 (2013)

Dariusz Sośnicki, “Monster” (poem) (with Piotr Florczyk)

The New Yorker (29 July 2013)

Julia Nemirovskaya, “The Prodigal” (poem)

Chtenia: Readings in Russian (Spring 2012)

Igor Golomstock, “Memoirs of an Old Pessimist” (memoir)

Cardinal Points No. 12, Vol. 3 (2012)

Polina Barskova, “Ariel’s Message,” “Farewell to the Ghost,” and “Scene” (poems) (with David Stromberg);
Grigory Kruzhkov, “Snow serves as mountains for the city dwellers” and “To a Munich Ant” (poems)

Cardinal Points No. 12, Vol. 1 (2012)

Miron Bialoszewki, “Perceived Self-Portrait” (poem);
Polina Barskova, “Motherhood and Childhood” (poem) (with David Stromberg);
Anna Swir, “Building the Barricade,” “He Made It,” “It Lives an Hour Longer,” “To Shoot into the Eyes of a Man,” “He Had No Coat,” “Two Humpbacks,” “A Neighbor Said to Her Neighbor,” “He Steals Furs,” “A Conversation Through the Door” (poems)

Poetry International 17 (2011)

Grigory Kruzhkov, “The Rock” (poem);
Oleg Woolf, “Petrov and Markov” (story)

World Literature Today 85, no. 6 (November/December 2011)

Oleg Woolf, “Valia and Kantonist” (story)

Joyland (26 July 2011)

Polina Barskova, “Happiness” (poem) (with David Stromberg)

Two Lines Online (October 2010)

Mikhail Gendelev, “To Arabic Speech” (poem);
Igor Guberman, “Academically Not Irreproachable” (essay);
Anna Gorenko, “Songs of Dead Children” (poem);
Vladimir Tarasov, “Untitled” (poem)

Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture (Spring 2008)