Lviv (and Odessa) in LARB

André van Loon has written a superb review of — or rather, an essay on — Odessa Stories in the latest issue of The London Magazine (June/July 2017), and Uilleam Blacker shares his insight into Babel’s Odessa and Józef Wittlin’s (1896–1976) Lviv/Lwów/Lvov/Lemberg at the Los Angeles Review of Books. (Needless to say, I kept my mitts off Dr. Blacker’s piece, and am very grateful for his kind words.) This is the second LARB piece inspired by the very worthy City of Lions. We ran Jacob Mikanowski’s magnificently lyrical essay on the book in May. I’ll also take this opportunity to promote two more important LARB pieces on Slavic subjects: Cynthia Haven’s interview with Russian poet and public intellectual Maria Stepanova, and Louise Steinman’s conversation with Adam Zagajewski, one of Poland’s literary giants, who was also born in Lviv (then Lwów) in 1945.

In other news, I’ve completed my translation of Mikhail Zoshchenko’s Sentimental Tales — and am getting rather sentimental about it. Parting with Zoshchenko’s hilariously ham-handed narrator, I. V. Kolenkorov, is such sweet sorrow. I’ll write more about this cycle in the weeks to come.


6 thoughts on “Lviv (and Odessa) in LARB

    1. Thank you as always, Kaggsy! The Zoshchenko is with my brilliant editor at Columbia University Press. It will appear (one hopes) in CUP’s Russian Library series sometime next year. The exact timing depends on how much of a mess I’ve made. . .

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    1. Thank you, LH! Van Loon is a very sensitive reader, and he writes beautifully. I always look for his byline. And although I myself don’t often think like a Tory, I found his post about his own particular Britishness very winning.

      And since we’re on the subject of British cosmopolitanism, here is a very fine essay by John le Carré.


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